One of the first things that Singapore companies think about when they try to get featured on Page 1 of the search results is SEO.

This is to be expected because SEO is very widely asked about by people who want to do it themselves to save on costs. This means there is a lot of contradicting info online.

SEO is so complex and fluid that to many it has become a kind of mythical black art. Many think that it can magically work cheaply or for free and is something that can be done just once and you will be on Page 1 forever.

Well, the opposite is true. There are so many fluid factors involved in SEO:

  • SEO is complex rather than magical
  • It takes a relatively long time to see any effects (good or bad) once changes are made
  • It requires constant tracking of your competitors
  • It requires constant updating for when Google frequently changes the way it works

This is why SEO is big business, for SEO consultants.

Our advise is to forget about SEO and use Google AdWords and be on Page 1 immediately. We explain why here.

SEO is not something that one can set up and forget and still work.

Another thing that it also cannot do is to get your business website featured on every Google search page.

Let’s use an example and Google “Singapore pet shop”. The top website on that page only appears on the top of Page 1. When you go to page 2 or 3 or any other pages it no longer appears.

In contrast, with Google AdWords, not only can you appear on Page 1, you can also appear on subsequent pages. To verify this, just compare the companies listed on the right side of Page 1, 2 and 3. Do you see that they appear again and again?

Alright, now there is no guarantee that with AdWords your company will always appear on every subsequent page but with SEO it never does.

Do the test yourself. Call us today.