We recommend Singapore micro, small and medium sized businesses to always go for Google AdWords instead of SEO to bring in leads immediately to increase sales. See here, here and here.

Once you have your Google AdWords account up and running, some of the questions that follow are:

  1. How do I know if it’s working well for my business?
  2. What should be my budget?
  3. When should I pause it?
  4. When should I restart it?

There can be many stages in a sales funnel and discussions can get overly long, complicated and academic so we’ll avoid discussions in terms of sales funnels.

Let’s stick to something practical. The following are the basic thinking and indicators that busy business owners and staff can apply as guidance. We can think just in terms of the basic inputs that you can control and the outcomes that you see, and then adjust the inputs until you see the outcome you want.

Your possible AdWords basic input controls:

  1. Advert Content
  2. Target Keywords
  3. Daily & Monthly Budget
  4. Start
  5. Stop
  6. Display Day and Time
  7. Display Geography


Your possible basic outcomes as a result of your input settings:

  1. You are seeing no difference in your business outcome
  2. You see more business leads either via phone calls, emails or online visitors and purchases, depending on your type of business
  3. You see more leads that end up buying from you
  4. You see more leads but they don’t buy from you


Advert Content

You can control the advert copy writing – the headlines, display URL and descriptions. These are your advert’s words.

  • Make your copy more general if you are not getting more clicks
  • Make it more specific if you are getting clicks and inquiries but they don’t end up buying because your advert is attracting the wrong kind of leads



Target Keywords

Your target keywords are used to match search words used by Google users. Example, if you define your target keywords as “Singapore pet shop”, then your advert will show up when people search for “Singapore pet shop” or “pet shop” or similar words.

  • Keep your keywords if you are getting clicks
  • Change one or more of your keywords if you do not get clicks
  • Use more general keywords if you are not getting enough clicks
  • Use more specific keywords if you are getting too many clicks that don’t lead to sales


Daily & Monthly Budget

Your budget can be used up each time your advert is displayed or clicked. You can set your maximum daily and monthly budget limit in Google AdWords. Once your budget is exceeded, Google will stop showing your adverts for the day or month. Your budget is always under your control.

  • Increase your budget if you are getting clicks that lead to sales and wish to get even more sales
  • Decrease your budget if you are getting too many real sales opportunities but you are losing them because you cannot cope with the work load


Start & Stop

You can start and stop your advertising campaign at any time for any reason


Display Day, Time & Geography

You can set which day of the week and time of day your advert will be displayed so that it will not be wastefully shown and use up your budget.

Example, setting your advert to show only on weekdays between 9am-5pm means your budget will not be used during weekends and evenings.

You can also set which geographical region your advert will show in.

Example, if you set your advert to show worldwide when your customers are all in Singapore, then significant budget will be wasted when your advert is shown to people who are elsewhere who will never really buy from you.


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